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Good "God's Country" People


They Just Kept Calling Out & Calling Out - An Operetta In a Terrarium





Never Tell Someone They're Beautiful If They Already Know It.

"What is most curious about America is that no matter what you say about it...
it is always true."
Photobucketdo you remember how you leapt...
where no profane foot has ever set Photobucket but I
will remember this hour
till I die:
"Those people have taken advantage of us..."
and the rest of us stood naked in the rain,
a neat line waiting,
not saying anything,
but he barked from an ignorant angry throat,
"Those people have taken advantage;"
Did he speak for himself or for
the rest of the sun bronzed giants?
Portraits of history made stone
pillars to butress lesser acomplishments.
It was want, whose name alone was vulgarity.
rats leave the sinking ship but we...
we didn't leave, so the ship didn't sink,
and that's madness,

Fitfull Un-Realization of the Limits of Force of Planetary Gravity

-or- This is How We Learned to Walk on the Moon.PhotobucketI have more zest than a boat pushing the sea aside, because it pushes it evenly.
PhotobucketI enjoy spasmodically.
As if the sun would be put out and be born again.

PhotobucketFor this is worth getting addicted.
To be able to be dragged out,
to be whipped as a kind of Christ.

PhotobucketBut engineers who made the paw to the bridge, the girders,
don’t remain in history.
They lack spasmodicality.

PhotobucketIf my car would be thrown from the bridge over Loire,
or at least would be finely shaken,
I’d remember it.

PhotobucketThe hand’s move is always the first one.
PhotobucketAnd the opening of your little mouth:
yours, yours, yours, is always the first thing, no matter the age.

...As Will Also When Even The Callous Have Worn Tender

I, too, sing America.Photobucket Photobucket They send me to eat in the kitchen...

when company comes,Photobucket

but I laugh,Photobucket
and eat well,
and grow strong.
Photobucket Tomorrow, I'll be at that table... Photobucket

when company comes.Photobucket

And nobody'll dare say to me,

"Eat in the kitchen," then.Photobucket

Besides, they'll see how beautiful I am and be ashamed--
Photobucket Photobucket

I, too, am America.