Photobucket"I will not accept the attribution to me the label of historian; it is a deplorable term. I shall not be held accountable for any future manipulation of these comments, this system, or shall it be said, this genealogy of knowledge."Photobucket"There is no guarantee that in the future these words will not be appropriated by some tyrant, espoused by some demagogue, and warped beyond recognition to justify some horrible campaign; or that they might falsely frame another's visions as dystopic through a willful and malicious mis-reading."Photobucket"There is no security in the belief that these ideas, these thoughts, will not be manipulated as an anulment to dismiss one's accountability in respect to their dogmatic adherence to ill-formed philosophies and apologetics."Photobucket"I will not act as the recorder of what may someday not be an illegitimate impression of what should be merely seen in the immediate."PhotobucketArt can no longer be justified as a superior activity, or even as an activity of compensation or exchange to which one could honorably devote oneself.PhotobucketThe cause of this deterioration is clearly the emergence of productive forces that necessitate other productive forces that necessitate other production relations ad nauseum until the detritus demands a new practice of life.PhotobucketIn the civil war phase which we currently and perpetually engaged in, and in close connection with the orientation we are discovering for certain superior activities to come, we can consider that all known means of expression are going to converge in a general movement of propaganda which must encompass all the perpetually interacting aspects of social reality.Photobucket

Necessity knows no law.

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